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model in Chetumal museum of Xpujil temple

model of Sayil temple

model of Hochob, could also match homerigeno and Chicanna

model of Tikal in Guatamala

model of Yaxchilan

model close up of top of Tikal tower

model of ball court in Copan

order of society. King, Priests, noblemen, merchants and artistians then workers and...

model of Tulum

museum set up with grave and paddlers taking soul to underworld

brazier for burning copal offerings

tried for a better shot.

penis pokers used to draw blood for sacrifice. These are carved jaguar...

huge wall mural of earth monster.

close up of world tree with serpent heads and macaw sitting on...

mayan glyphs of day signs

Iguana on lid of bowl

serpent head on column from Chichen Itza, copy of course

atlante holding up the world or coffee table, what ever comes first

measuring him for the table top

chac mool, with stoney face and no donations

says its from Uxmal, but I saw this at Labna. Face emerging...

copies of Jaina figure and cups with painted scenes

Jaina figure ball player and robed man in hat

Jaina figure

jaina figures need to identify

in Bacular, following Our Lady of Guadalupe to church in Dec 12,...

following Our Lady to the church in Bacular

almost got stepped on as the singing crowd went by with candles

painting in museum hallway shows part of Bomnampak mural

painting of mural from Palenque

painting of mural from Palenque

painting of sacrifice bundle

Lady Xoc and the blood letting ceremony

stella from Tikal

The City of Chetumal on the Caribbean Sea and Bacular Bay: Dec12

Today I am in the city of Chetumal. When I l left Kohunlich I dropped down into the flat plains of the coast and found fields of sugar cane as far as the eye could see. The highway was exceptionally good after passing into Quintanna Roo state. They were working on the road from Xpujil to the state line and it was a mess. Big trucks were tearing up the road faster than they could get if fixed. It was only 22 K into town. Found a small hotel, El Dorado right next door to the Internet. This is Sunday. Went through the museum here in Chetumal. I enjoyed it and was able to take pictures. I found that out after I looked at everything. So, I went back and took pictures of all the exhibits, of which most of them are copies. Great. Who cares as long as I could get up close and personal and get a good look. Most of the town was shut down for Sunday, no money exchange, no bank, ATM, no tourist info. I couldn't find the bus station for the busses to Belize to see the sites close to the border. I drove down to the bay and along the shoreline road. That was worth one picture. So, I decided to make it to Bacular before dark. When I arrived at Casita Carolina there was a man (her caretaker) who told me Carolina was gone on vacation and I didn't have a room. I told him I had a reservation made. After some hem hawing around he showed me a bed upstairs I could use. Great, I didn't care whose it was, as long as I could sleep in it. As it turned out he had rented my room to, guess whom, Oliver and Jasmine. I stayed in Carolina's personal quarters.

I went in search of gas and almost had a heart attack when I drove all around town and couldn't find the gas station. When I asked about 6 or 7 people I finally found out that there was no station, just a guy that sells it out of a 55-gallon drum. Oh, well. Several more directions later I found him and that's what he had, a big barrel and a small siphon hose to put in a five gallon bucket with a long nozzle on it. I sure was relieved when he filled my tank. I made the bad mistake of not filling in Chetumal. I had been so careful not to get below a half of tank and then I made the big mistake. Not again. But, I was so upset there was nothing open I let that get to me instead of being more cautious. After I filled the gas I went back into Bacular and found a little place open on the park. The Senora made me two quesadillas with ham. Nicest ones I've had to date. My luck improved a little more as the Internet was right next door. I can't get the pictures on here so I am going back to Chetumal tomorrow and get it done there. I am fine, the VW is fine and I am rounding the horn on my upswing toward Tulum then Coba.

After I left the Internet I was getting into my car when I heard a loud whistling siren. I stopped to see where it was coming from. Just ahead around the corner came a truck with a shrine set up in the back of it for Our lady of Guadalupe. Behind the truck walked a throng of people, old and young a like carrying candles and singing. I watched as they made their way down the street in front of me heading for the church. I stepped out to get pictures and was almost stepped on. It was very emotional and a delightful surprise. It was the 12th of December and they were going to worship Our Lady on her day. I went back to Casita Carolina's uplifted and refreshed from the long day. That night I wasn't able to get much sleep, not only was the bed hard but I had verses running through my head. I sat up and wrote them down. I always know when poetry inspiration hits and when to get the pencil and put it on paper. I had the start of three or four poems that I perfected later on the trip up the coast. More later. Gay

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