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Today the phone at the Corps of Engineers’ office rang off the wall. People wanted to know what the water level is and whether there will be camping sites and boat ramps open for the holiday week end. Some of the Corps campgrounds are still under water and cannot be opened. Most of the campsites are already taken. At one of the campgrounds the Corps built a temporary road so visitors could get to sixteen campsites that are above the water.

The generators are running and the flood gates are open wide 24 hours a day, but there is still a lot of water coming into the lake. The outflow is only about 10,000 cubic feet per second more than the inflow, so the lake is going down slowly.

It should be an interesting week end! I’m glad I don’t need to find a place to stay. The forecast for the week end includes the possibility of more rain. I just hope we won’t get a lot more that would cause the lake to start rising again.

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