Autumn in New England 2008 travel blog

Heading north through the tax free mecca of New Hampshire, our hearts leapt up with joy as we saw diesel for sale for $3.98/gallon. The media has been reporting possible price gauging as a result of Hurricane Ike and it felt great to fill up, knowing that we can make it home on the gas currently in the tank.

The Meadowbrook Campground is also a real bargain. Last winter we bought a membership in Passport America, an organization whose member campgrounds offer 50% off rates. We've always been rather leery of these sorts of deals, since they are so limiting. Inevitably, where we want to be, there are no PA campgrounds. It also was a turn-off to discover that PA is generally only honored in the off season. But we are here in Maine during the off season. The listings indicate that Maine only has the months of July and August as in season - a rather limited amount of time for them to earn their major annual profits.

Bargains are always nice, but what really drew us to Meadowbrook was the lobster and clam dinners prepared by the campground. For the same price we paid a few nights ago to prepare our own lobster, we had lobster, decent corn on the cob and a baked potato prepared by locals who know what they are doing. Last time we were in New England we ate lobster twelve days in a row. We are well on our way to matching that record. At one time or another I have read critical reports from health experts concerning the ill effects of just about everything edible. My theory is to eat a little bit of everything and hedge my bets. But when it comes to lobster that is so so $$$ at home, that theory goes on hold until we leave the coast. A heavily laden apple tree next to our site could help keep the doctor away.

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