Happy Trailer's Alaska Journey 2008 travel blog

Backed up on the river

A good phone signal

South Fork of the American River

The river

Wild Iris

Canada geese everywhere

Mike panning

Desirae enjoys every place that we have been, and we enjoy her

Finally, we have a wifi signal for a day- no phone though. By way of catching up, today we crossed into the Yukon and joined the Alaska Highway and will spend a night or two here in Watson Lake (where the Sign Forest is). Oh, the beauty we have seen, and the snow and the adventures, but that is for future episodes. Back to catching up...

Ponderosa is a Thousand Trails Preserve on the South Fork of the American River, in the heart of California Gold Country. We were able to back our RVs right on the river. The temperatures were comfortably warm, sunbathing weather.

Lynne could not shake her long lasting flu, so Mike took her to a see a doctor who put her on antibiotics which finally helped her shake it. So we all kicked back and relaxed and enjoyed our surroundings. We all have our cooking specialties, so we take turns cooking or all chip in together. We do eat well. Anyway, we all enjoyed our relaxing interlude on the river.

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