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Drove on dirt road to Hot Springs

Things are REALLY BIG in Texas

Tornillo Creek Bridge sometimes gets wet from the torrent below

The Window through the Chisos Mountains has Emory Peak, 7825 feet -...

We arrived at Rio Grande Village right on schedule. After so much rest, we were ready for some serious sightseeing. We went to Boquillas Canyon, saw what was left of a village cut off from US contact after 9/11, and bought some contraband souveniers. The man who used to guide a ferry from the park to the village of Boquillas del Carmen, Victor, watches for visitors and sings when he knows they are near, hoping they will leave some money. He sings beautifully, or the canyon echoes really help him out. Before the road was closed, Park visitors were able to visit Mexico, eat a few tortillas, and buy legal souveniers. Now, most of the villagers have left. According to Victor, only 1 family is still in residence in Boquillas de Carmen. I'm not sure who Carmen was, but Sierra del Carmen is the huge mountain with the light vertical stripe that provides much of the beauty of the south tip of the park, Rio Grande Village.

The next day, we went to an abandoned resort, took some pictures, and put our feet into the hot springs, which are in the foundation of the old bathhouse. I sat with my left foot at the source of the 105 degree water, and my right foot in the much cooler Rio Grande.

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