Nova Scotia Fall 2007 travel blog

The Maritime Museum

Giant Lens from a lighthouse

Ship model exhibit

A schooner

Bow piece

Pirates (real and movie version)

Stewed tomatoes & bacon (a new recipe for Tom?)

A genuine deck chair from the Titanic

A genuine deck chair from the Titanic

Dinner at ilMercato

Dessert selections at ilMercato


Sept 28 Friday

It rained hard the next morning (Friday), so we took a taxi to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic which was fascinating, with a 3-D movie of finding the Titanic - the Titanic was "closest" to Halifax when it went down.

There was an exhibit and video of the terrible Halifax Explosion of 1917 which destroyed the whole city. There was also a fun exhibit of model ships and fishing schooners. They even had a lone deckchair from the Titanic found floating in the debris. The rain let up a bit so we walked back to the hotel and enjoyed just being in such a large space with such a big bathroom!

That night we found a nearby Tuscan restaurant (ilMercato) where we had a good meal with excellent desserts.

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