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What a beautiful model! (The car!!!)

Pine Lone Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane.

Give us a cuddle!

Driving along 75 mile beach, Fraser Island.

Lucy of Arabia! (Wabby lake, Fraser)


Our 4x4 with Steve at the Helm, driving through Eli Creek.

Cup of tea anyone? Camping on the beach, Fraser.

In the rainforest.

Steve I think I found the Titantic!!!!

After our adventure on the ranch it was time to travel up the East coast.

We had arranged a hire car from Hertz in Tamworth, which actually worked out cheaper than catching public transport..we had booked the cheapest car and were a little worried about fitting our huge backpacks into a Toyota Yaris. However because we were driving all the way to Cairns they decided to give us an upgrade at no extra cost...BONUS! So we collected our bright green Toyota Camry Sportivo and started on our journey.

Our first day on the road was a bit dull, we were both down after leaving the ranch and the weather was miserable, it rained most of the day..and for the next couple of days on and off. We covered lots of miles and stopped at a few places on our way to Brisbane, Byron Bay was a touristy surf resort that looked nice but we didn't stop cos it was puring with rain!!!

We decided to stay in Brisbane for 2 nights, and got very lost driving around their one way systems! While there we visited the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Lucy had a cuddle with one of the Koala there (sharp claws!) and we both fed the Kangaroos by hand (cute).

After Brisbane we headed to Hervey Bay..our gateway to Fraser island...somewhere that had been recommended by a few people. We hired a 4x4 (Suzuki Jimny) and watched a video on how to handle the vechicle on the sand. (Fraser island is the biggest sand island in the world).

Steve loved his 4x4 driving adventure, driving though soft sand tracks with huge ruts, and along the 75 mile beach, driving around rocks and through creeks. We stopped at a couple of the amazing lakes on the island, visited the shipwreck (The mahano)and camped on the beach overnight. It was fab. We only stayed one night but had two full days to explore the island, before we left we had time to walk through a part of the rainforest and saw a huge monitor lizard.

After Fraser we carried on up the coast...our next main stop...the Whitsunday island!

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