Anthony's Wild West 2007 travel blog

Morning view

Half way up a 3000 foot vertical face

Where the better off stay in Yosemite

From the meadows by my 'cabin'

From Inspiration Point back down Yosemite Valley

View with the two waterfalls I walked by, 1000 feet in height...

Overhang again!

Still blows me away!

So today I am moving on, and I will be sad to leave this awesome place. I would have liked to have done more long-distance back-country treks, but another time perhaps. It was nice to sleep in a proper bed again though.

So I did a several mile walk this morning. It was too early for other people, which was great, but I couldn't help thinking about mountain lions, who probably were up this early and looking for breakfast. There are posters everywhere saying about how to deal with them, the last line of which is that if attacked, fight back! Cool! At last a worthy adversary for my martial arts skills. But as it turned out I obviously haven't had enough all you can eat buffets yet, so no lion interest.

And then after a taco and checking my e-mails - and finding out I had a speeding fine at home :( - I drove back up to Glacier Point for some final cool views. I picked up these two hitchhikers who had walked over from Mammoth Lakes on the other side of the Sierras (where I had been) back to the car they had left near Glacier Point, only to find they had left the keys on the other side of the mountains where they had started. Whoops! Views were stunning though.

And then I did a long drive to what was going to be Kings Canyon National Park, though as evening came on I diverted to the town of Visalia as I didn't want to find a campsite in the dark. And near my motel was my first experience of a genuine American diner like in the movies (e.g. beginning of Pulp Fiction), plastic seats and all. Cool! You may also remember from Pulp Fiction that it is an English guy (and his American girlfriend) who try to rob everyone in the diner, but unfortunately for them that includes Samuel Jackson and John Travolta. As I was alone I didn't feel I could do that.

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