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Our ever punctual group was up and ready to get on the road at 7:30 this morning. We had a long driving day of 250 miles, mostly on the cuota (tollway). This meant we made good time and arrived in Mazatlan by 2:30. Except for a picnic lunch pause we did not stop at all and if you're good at math you have figured out that good time is a relative term. Even though we paid a significant amount for the privilege of driving on the tollway - six toll stops ranging from $3 - $6 - the road was still quite bumpy and we felt shaken and stirred by the time we arrived here. We hate to think what the free roads are like. The drive was made easier by the fact that most locals cannot afford these tariffs so we shared the road mostly with large truck drivers who passed us like we were standing still.

Shortly after we passed the Tropic of Cancer, we arrived at our campground. It reminds me a bit of our stay in Quartzsite since this place caters so to the RV traveler. Shortly after we arrived a water truck passed among us selling potable water, since the stuff that comes through our hoses could give us Montezuma's Revenge. A propane truck filled up our tanks, run very low by the freezing temperatures we had endured earlier in the week. Vendors brought baskets and silver jewelry to the end of our row. A fisherman sold us large shrimp fresh from the bay for $5 a pound. A fleet of men began to wash and wax all our rigs. It's good that we will be here four days; it will take them that long to scrape all the crud off. And most surprisingly, a barber gave a trim to all of us in need. We're going to like it here!

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