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Palace At Knossos




Greek Urns


Prince of Lilies



The view from our hotel

Our Hotel in Heraklion

Heraklion Harbor

An ancient fort



The flights all went well, no customs in either England or Greece, just immigration. The people with European Union country passports only have to show the inspector, but others like ours must be stamped. We took a taxi to our hotel in downtown Heraklion (the capital of Crete), and it was beyond wonderful to lie down on a bed! In the morning we woke to a beautiful view of the port and some Venetian ruins from the Venetian occupation of Crete, probably around 1400 AD. Later the Turks took over. Our breakfast buffet at the hotel was huge and delicious, and we needed it for our trip out to the Minoan ruins at Knossos, not far from town. They were very interesting, although much of it is a reconstruction based on Sir Arthur Evans' concepts and assumptions from his excavations around 1900. Afterwards, seeing no taxis, we walked to what looked like a bus stop and soon a bus came along. The fare was one Eurodollar (Euro) each.

That bus took us back to town and we got off at the end of the line at a big roundabout, but we were clueless about where we were, even with a map. There are no obvious streetsigns, and we wanted to find the Archeological Museum of Crete. We walked and walked, and strangely enough met up again with an Australian couple who had also been out at Knossos. They turned us around in the right direction, but the bottom line is that when we finally found the museum, (right next to the bus stop!), it was closed for renovation. So we walked on in what we hoped was the direction of the hotel, through many picturesque streets, some busy and some not, and ultimately found the waterfront - a good clue to our hotel, but it took awhile to decide if the hotel was to the right or the left. After finding a landmark on the map, we turned right, saw the hotel sign up a hill, but it still took some poking around to find the right street and get back.

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