2007 Pacific Coast Trip travel blog

The Columbia River

Above the Columbia River

We crossed the Columbia River on this bridge

Wind Power

Mountains in the distance

"Look at the Trees"

It was a beautiful drive through southeast and central Washington today. At first we were in the plains and saw lots of farmland. Some fields had signs indicating what crop was in the field. We saw potatoes, alphalpha, sweet corn, wheat and spearmint. One of the counties was the biggest potato producing county in the U.S. We started seeing rolling hills and then crossed the Columbia River. Later we were into the mountains and started seeing really tall fir trees. I'm not sure what kind they are but they were the tallest I've ever seen. We went through Snoqualmie Pass which had a steep 6% grade for several miles. It was beautiful but a little white knuckle for a while. We could see it snowing higher up in the mountains. We passed the exit for Snoqualmie Falls which is where the lodge filmed in "Twin Peaks" is located. We are staying in a campground in Kent, in the suburbs of Seattle. Our next stop, somewhere in the Olympic Peninsula.

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