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As our merry little band band turned our backs to the beautiful Caribbean Sea and headed southwest, we splintered into a number of pieces. Three of us were seriously ill; two sick enough to require hospitalization. The diagnosis, somewhat unclear, seems to be pneumonia. The prognosis is good and we expect them to be rejoining us in the next few days. Ken has developed a nasty cough; hope he hasn't caught the pneumonia bug....

Over the next two days we will be driving almost 500 miles. The trip as planned called for a six hour driving day today and a ten hour driving day tomorrow. Some of us felt that it made more sense to drive more equal distances. It might, but sometimes even a parking lot that holds nineteen rigs is not available. Two rigs decided to try. A few more rigs left early. They had the impression that Bacalar didn't have much to offer and wanted to see some ruins somewhat farther down the road. The rest of us headed off on the planned itinerary with few expectations of more than another night in a parking lot.

Once we left the heavily touristed area of the state of Quintana Roo, the landscape grew jungly and there were few towns. Road crews were laboring mightily to improve the road and in places the asphalt was smooth and wide, but in others our trailer wheels were on the edge of the narrow pavement and there was a large drop off where a shoulder should have been. Most of us took advantage of the one large refueling spot. We have learned that just because a station sells gas or diesel, it doesn't mean they have any in stock at that particular moment. Some of us are also out of propane and we haven't found anyone to sell us any. Some use the propane to heat water and for cooking; others use it to power their generators and produce electricity. It rained periodically and the small towns we did pass through were flooded. Storm drains and sewers appear not to have made it to this part of the world yet.

As we rounded the corner to our final destination, the sun came out and our jaws dropped. Lake Bacalar, also known as the Lake of Seven Colors, is one of the prettiest lakes we have ever seen. Depending on the depth it goes from a Caribbean shade of aquamarine to almost black. This freshwater lake runs parallel to the sea and is a local resort area. An occasional sail boat or catamaran went by, but we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Even though we are not in a campground per se, we enjoyed a nice afternoon sitting under the palapas, swimming in the sweet warm water, and resting up for the big driving day tomorrow. The local staff kept the restaurant on the grounds open so we could enjoy locally caught seafood for dinner and keep our kitchens cool. I have done so little cooking on this trip, perhaps I have forgotten how.

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