Jade's Big Trip 2006 travel blog

The lay of the land

View from the harbour over to Omatepe

Nicuraguan poker machines, harbourside


Boarding the ferry

These are the ones you hear about on the news..sinking...

Maria and I: the only seats we could get!

Omatepe wharf

Relaxing in a hammock


Fish soup, you have got to be kidding!




Plantain plantations

Major potholes


Leading up to the hike

Eucalyptus in Nicaragua??


And the next 4km barefoot...

The San Ramon waterfall


Soaking wet, covered in mud and sore feet!


Green Lagoon

Natural springs


Arrived on Omatepe today, the largest freshwater island in the world. It basically just two massive volcanos joined by a strip of land. One volcano, Conceptione is still active and the other, Madera is dormant.

I'm off to check out the action and will update more later :)

...back again...

Omatepe was a great island, alot of lush vegetation and a truly tropical rain forest feel.

I decided to skip the he-man volcano hikes that the guys were going on and just do a leisurely 6km walk half way up Madera to a waterfall and then go on an island tour. Considering it was just supposed to be an easy walk I wore the sandals I bought at the Masaya market a couple of days ago. Wrong move!

Firstly, the walk was anything but easy, it was a full on hike and it was raining so it was super slippery. Secondly, the Nicuraguan workmanship was clearly not up to the job and 2km in the sandals broke...leaving me to hike the next 4km in barefeet. I could not believe it!! And the guide refused to give me a piggy back, but to be fair I think I was taller than him.

I slipped over so many times and just ended up absolutely filthy rinsed off in the waterfall and made the slow and painful trip back down the volcano.

After that we visted the petroglyphs, which are carved sacrificial alters previously used to offer up maidens and children (!). Also visited the Green Lagoon, the name was enough to keep me out of that one, and then the natural springs. I couldn{t believe I was the only one game to use the Tarzan swing!

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