We are in AZ

YUP, there’s verification

We parked next to this custom truck at a rest area.

Wow, it was sooooo RAD, everything was perfect.

Rocks, dust, wind and wide open skies. YEP this is Arizona

Oh Yes and Snakes and scorpions !

It’s a long driveway to back into....

If you look closely, Ginger is on the dash, left side....

The wind persisted all night and into the morning, but started to wane somewhat as we drove on toward Arizona. The winds were only about 10 mph and directly in our windshield. We have reservations 210 miles away at friends home in Sierra Vista. We discovered several weeks ago that a military ID for one of us was going to expire soon, so we needed to get near a base to get an update done. We chose to get it done at Fort Huachuca near Sierra Vista. We backed into the back yard of our friends, who years ago installed 50 AMP power and water for us. We spent 3 nites here, giving us 2 full days with our friends to catch up.

A NOTE of CAUTION: In September we had two credit cards hijacked. One of them by a company with on line purchases. Our card company caught it themselves, through some “wiz-bang” computer watchdog thingy. The second card was hijacked somewhere in our first couple days on this trip, presumably at a gas station. Once again the card company called us to question purchases, as we had just bought gas for the coach and at the same time, 250 miles away someone used the same number in a vending machine. The company is on the hook for $188. While talking with the card security personnel, I asked how is it this kind of thing happens when We are so careful. They explained that RV’er could/should use pumps close to the building when possible, we mostly don’t. The pumps on the outside are not usually visually monitored. We most always use the outside pumps for easy in, easy out for big rigs. Also, they advised grasping the card slider and give it a shake and pull. If it moves or comes out then it is a fake reader. Also, some of the more sophisticated types put some kind of tape and transmitter in the existing slot. In either case, a person is probably sitting in a nearby auto getting the reading. So, all this for our dedicated readers to be warned as we are.

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