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We had our coffee this morning as usual, and then got busy. I dumped the holding tanks. Then Jeff arrived at the campground. Jeff is one of the hardest working people I know. He immediately began helping us get ready to move. Maybe he wanted to get rid of us. :) Dumping the holding tanks is not a pleasant task but is really no big deal. We were hooked up and ready to go by 9:00 AM. Right after we left the campground, I had a call from Ron Alderman, a good friend from Flight Safety days. I answered the cell phone just as we drove past a police officer watching the traffic. It is good to talk with Ron anytime and the police officer pretended not to notice me talking on the cell phone as I navigated the narrow street. Ron is one of our favorite people and, for a moment it sounded as if we might get to see him in Oklahoma, but the timing doesn't seem to be right. We drove to Kingdom City, MO, where we stopped for a bite to eat, topped off the tanks, drained our own holding tanks, and were back on the road. The traffic wasn't too bad but was busier than I expected going through the Lake of the Ozarks.

We pulled into the Springfield, MO KOA at 2:30 PM. Our site is level enough that we decided not to disconnect. We will be ready to go really fast tomorrow morning.

The one thing that bothers me is that the trailer and the truck are filthy dirty. I had them both all cleaned up but the sloppy streets and roads took care of that.

Just south of Jefferson City, Missouri's capitol, our cell phone rang and it was the kids calling from Hawaii. Steve's dad, Al, set up a patch so that we could all talk to them. It was wonderful to hear from them. They are having a great time and are so happy.

We miss the kids a lot but are happy to be starting our own new adventure. Since retirement we have had a sale of home, moving, wedding and reception planning, moving Jen out of her home and having another sale, fought the weather, and in general had no time to really relax and enjoy this life style.

Tomorrow we will drive through Oklahoma, taking highway 69 south to Colbert, OK, KOA, which is on the OK/TX border. We'll have to see. We are in no hurry now to get anywhere except to warm weather. :) Time to share a glass of wine. Tomorrow, we'll see what's around the bend....

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