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Nimes Acient Roman Temple

Nimes Decorative Water Ways


Nimes from the Formal Gardens

Nime's Gardens from the Arena

The Arena

Nimes although not a disappointment is not a complete success. There's lots to see; the Ancient Temple, The Musea d'Art, the formal gardens at the north of town which give great views over the city and of course the Arenes, (the most well preserved Roman arena in the World). The Arenes is a gem in terms of the audio guides that you are given and the way it describes the world of the gladiator and the Roman lust for blood but then it moves on to bull fighting. It describes the death of the bull as 'noble' but in the present day it just seems unnecessary and certainly the guide's view of the sport is perhaps biased by the fact that tourism and bull fighting are all that keep the arena alive. I'm sure after having a load of spears thrust into his back, goaded to the point of exhaustion and then killed with a blade to the heart....the bull would not call his death 'noble'.

Pizza tonight since most places are shut on a Sunday.

Once again my French has let me down. I must make a mental note to listen more. I boguht a baguette and a couple of cans of drink this avo and handed the owner 5 (cinq) euro to pay when in actual fact he was asking me if I wanted a bag (sac). He must have thought it was his lucky day when I was prepared to pay 5 euros for a paper bag. We both laughed (you had to be there I suppose)......it cost me 7 euros. It's flippin' expensive in the cities!

Photos to come. I left my cable to connect the camera in the hotel.

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