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When we made our reservation to come here, we knew we would pay about 2/3 the fee that our neighbors from home pay for similar campgrounds in Florida. When we checked in today, we also received a $100 coupon which means we are staying here for a month for $375. It's hard to believe they are making money with all the facilites and staff members working to keep us entertained. It appears that low costs are one of the reasons so many geezers with fixed incomes keep coming back. We've heard that greens fees for golfers are also very low. There are many Canadians here, some Quebecois, and even with the weak Canadian dollar, it's a good deal for them to trek all the way down here.

I have only begun to familiarize myself with the eight page double sided activity calendar for this month. There are definitely some activities - shuffle board, horse shoes, hula dance lessons - that I could never imagine myself doing. In my mind there are things that old people do. Am I an old person? I am beginning to think that as the first wave of the baby boom generation, we are experiencing the retirement our parents preferred as the first of our group to enjoy senior communities. The active adult component definitely appeals to the baby boom generation, but I suspect that in five years when more of our generation are here, these kinds of places might have activities that we won't associate with granny sitting on her rocking chair. The horseshoe pit may be replaced by a climbing wall and they may have to add an orthopedist and chiropractor to the staff as we struggle to act as young as we are in our heads. The wonderful Elderhostel programs we have enjoyed since retirement, which pair learning with tourism, also suffer from a lack of participation from people our age. Baby boomers as elders? - never!

Anyway, the pool is a great for swimming and reading next to and we went on a long bike ride within the park as the sun set, admiring the lights and decorations the long term residents have used to personalized their campsites. Some are Christmas decorations; with temperatures in the 80's it feels like Christmas was a long time ago.

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