Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog


Paul sporting his new hair cut on a tram

Katie and Robin at the Imax

Us at the Imax

Katie and Robin striking a Jap pose

Paul finally fits in!

Survived yet another overnight bus! Decided to shun the tram ride to our next hostel and practise for South America by carrying our backpacks, which was possibly not the greatest idea, it was miles away from the bus station.

After recovering from the overnighter we headed into the city where it was a mass of marching suits heading out for their lunch.

Met up with Katie and Robin at the night market whom we had met in our very first hostel in Cairns to exchange tales. Decided against having a crocodile burger from a market stall as they were being cooked from frozen.

Onto the Imax cinema to watch the very grown up film of The Polar Express wearing very flattering specs.

Ventured into Saint Kilda the day after, the ropey but yuppie area of Melbourne. Katie and Robin took the train to Ramsey Street while we hopped back on the tram to the gigantic Crown casino where Paul was drawn like a moth to the light to the Pokies.

Next day we made a little picnic to take to the botanic gardens but actually didn't tuck in until 6pm as we searched for a place that sold the Boxing Day test match tickets on a Sunday. At least it killed time until we boarded the midnight train to, no not Georgia, but to Adelaide.

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