Our Trip to Alaska travel blog

At the Tok Village RV Park

Another wonderful dinner in the van

Robin, the postmaster at Chicken Alaska

"Beautiful Downtown Chicken"

The Saloon

They are proud of their town

Inside one of the gift shops

This is gold country!

Fishing at Walker Fork

Jack Wade dredge

The Jack Wade dredge

There are only a few structures in Boundary, AK


Inside the general store in Boundary, AK

The Taylor Highway was a challenging gravel road

Top of the World Highway detour

We were on the top of the world!

Crossing into Canada

Back in the Yukon - unspoiled beauty

July 5 - July 7

We left Anchorage early and headed to Tok for a second time on our journey. Our stay at the Tok RV Village was very nice and we had excellent internet connections. We had a chance to do laundry and enjoy another home-cooked dinner in the van. Tom does all the cooking and the meals are as good as at home in Webster. (Anne does the clean-up. It took us 25 years to realize that Tom does the cooking and likes it and Anne does the clean-up and loves it.)

We headed up the Taylor Highway toward Chicken, Alaska and the tiny settlement of Boundary. Both of these are not much more than tourist destinations. On the way as we passed, Chicken we stopped at a Bureau of Land Management campground to rest a while and liked it so much, we stayed the night. Walker Fork Campground proved to be in a very beautiful setting and Tom got to do his last fishing in Alaska before we headed across the border into Canada. The Taylor Highway connects to the Top Of The World Highway which is a dirt and gravel road in the USA and paved in Canada. We ran into some beautiful stretches of the countryside and lots of dust and construction. We crossed the border and were into the Yukon again. We love the Yukon and will probably return to visit this unspoiled part of North America again.

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