Our first stop of the day looking for elk..

We were happy we saw a bunch of them..


The Tetons are incredible..





Loved this frozen lake..

Last one, we should have taken pics here with us..:-)

Our first stop of the day was the National Elk Refuge, we were blessed for sure, we saw a bunch of beautiful elk. A lot of them were under trees, standing in the snow. How beautiful! This already made my day before I got to see the Tetons. The Tetons were covered with snow and snow was also packed high on the sides of the road, incredible.

We passed frozen lakes and one gorgeous scene after another. We packed a picnic, but it was so cold, we had to have our sandwiches in the car. I will let the awesome pictures tell the rest of the story. We wish we had planned more days for this area, it is incredible. Tomorrow we will be in Yellowstone National Park, hopefully for about ten days. Check back later for more from Wyoming.

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