Elk On The Hills Near Jerry's Land

From The Top Of Jerry's Land

Rear View Of Mt. Quincy/Kilgore :-)

Jerry Picking One Of The Beautiful Wild Flowers

Close Up Of Wild Flowers

These Looked Like Wild Lily

Rib & Chop House Wonderful Steaks

Awesome Memorial Day Decorations

Entrance To Park

Driving Around The Park

Yellowstone River From Single Lane Bridge Livingston

I Love The Western Look Of Livingston

Main Street Livingston

More Of Downtown Livingston

Livingston's Walmart :-) We loved this store.

River Road Livingston

We arrived in Livingston, Montana on the 25th. We are loving this little town. We went out and looked at Jerry & Kim's and Betty and Gene's property and it's awesome. We took some pictures to show everyone but it was raining and they are not as good as usual. Speaking of pictures, I have a ton to catch up on and add from Yellowstone too. We had a wonderful 10 days in the park. We got snowed in for a few more days than we planned to stay but are happy we did. I have always wanted to be snowed in and I can't think of a more beautiful place for that to happen. We had grizzly bears in our campground and saw tons of wildlife etc.

We are planning a trip to Bozeman today and will add more pictures about it later too. We lucked up being in Livingston on Memorial Day. The park was decorated with tons of flags and is beautiful. I hope my pictures do it justice. It had little crosses showing all the lost in war and was a fantastic way to celebrate Memorial Day. We had lunch at the Rib and Chop House and it was superb.

I wish I had more time here to go back but we have to leave in the morning. We are a bit behind our planned schedule for Alaska and have to get on the move. We had planned to visit Glacier National Park next but just found out it does not open until June 13 so will be missing that one. Our next stop is Great Falls, Montana. I will send a post to let you know when I am caught up and the rest of the pictures are added to the other journals. I have too much to see here to do it now. Now I have to figure a way to make Jerry, Kim, Gene & Betty decide to set us up with full hookups on their land here. :-)

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