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We are in Great Falls, Montana at Dick's RV Park. We arrived on Wednesday and are staying for about a week while we wait for our mail shipment. We ordered one of the Alaskan discount books plus we have to wait on Ollie's heart guard and his special vitamins. We are taking this time to get everything in order to cross the Canadian border. I also need to have my hair done and to have a tooth filled. That is a scary thing to do when you don't know the local dentist. I read about one dentist from Bozeman that said he was a dentist for COWARDS. I am almost wishing I had gone to him. :-)

We washed the motorhome and we are cleaning and re-organizing the basement, changing all the filters for the air conditioners and doing everything we can think of to prepare for our Alaskan journey. We are getting so excited we are finally about to cross the Canadian border. A lot of the campsites do not allow you to wash your motorhome but this one charges a flat $10 fee and you can wash your motorhome and your car. They even have people who will wash it for you for $1.50 per foot if it's painted like ours or $1.00 per foot if it's one color. We chose the $10 and it's looking pretty good now. It does not last long but it's nice the few days it is clean. :-) They also gave us a discounted price of $160.00 for the week and with no tax, that was a great deal.

We have not had time to explore the area because of all the preparations but we have had a very interesting week. We got to meet The Wandering Wishnie's right next to us. I was in total shock when I saw new neighbors move in next to us that turned out to be them. Jerry was gone to Wal-Mart when I heard someone laughing and looked out and it looked just like Jo Wishnie. I thought no way. :-) I only got a glimpse so I called Jerry and told him and said if I see Fred I will know for sure. A day or so later we were outside washing the motorhome and Fred came out. It is so strange to meet people you feel like you know and yet you know they don't know you from Adam.

I have been reading their journal for over two years and dreaming about doing what they are doing. Now we are out here doing it too and it's wonderful. They invited us over and we had a wonderful evening with them and got to meet some friends of theirs too, Grant and Kathy. They are all going to Alaska and we had some wonderful conversations. It will be our first trip to Alaska but Grant and Kathy have been two times. We learned a lot from them too. This RV world is such a friendly world, it's hard to explain but it's awesome. We all feel like family and everyone shares and helps. Thanks a million Jo and Fred for making this week awesome. If you would like to read more about their travels here is a link to their site. Wandering Wishnies

I am not sure if Kathy and Grant have a site but I will be happy to add a link later if they do. Thanks a million to Jo and Fred for adding a link to our journal in their last post. We got up this morning to 187 new readers. My goodness, I have been busy writing to all the new readers and welcoming them. I am meeting people who are already in Alaska and many that are on the way like us. What a blessing it has been to run into Jo and Fred. Thanks again for making our week here a fantastic one.

We are hoping to leave for Canada on Wednesday if our mail arrives on time. Our next stop will be Calgary or somewhere close. More later from Canada. Welcome all new readers, we are happy to have you sharing our adventures.

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