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Yellowstone Lake




Lower Falls

We intended to get up fairly early today to get an early start, but this was the one day the kitty let us sleep in. Oh well! We wanted to hit most of the places we had missed the last time we had been to Yellowstone, several years before we went full time, with Dan and Darlene. We went through the inevitable road construction in the park, then turned up north to go to Mammoth Hot Springs. Along the way we stopped at every little side trip, lookout point and other attractions. Funny thing about these parks, when you see a bunch of cars parked in the road you just know they are taking pictures of some sort of wildlife. And one of those times it was for a bear. A mom and two cubs were on the other side of the road. While we were stopped, she decided to cross to our side, but one of the cubs got scared and ran back into the ditch. Well, mom and the other cub continued on across, but then of course she was really nervous and started to cross back to get her other baby. When she did I got the picture of a lifetime.

We saw several large herds of buffalo, and individual buffalo resting at one of the hot springs. We actually got really complacent about them, passing the stopped cars saying, “oh it’s just more buffalo’! The hot springs was interesting. Just like being back in Pagosa, but on a MUCH larger scale! While walking around the springs I witnessed the most idiotic thing I have ever seen. An older woman, with a cane, walked out past the boundary near one of the springs. I figured she was just going to get a better picture, so just kept walking down to a different viewpoint. And there was that woman, standing within inches of the scalding water! She bent down to pick something up, then started walking back to the fenced off area. I WAS TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY BY THIS WOMAN’S TOTAL DISREGARD FOR HER OWN SAFETY!! Luckily she remained safe, but Oh where is a ranger when you need one?!

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