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We were ready to go this morning at 9am. Hitched up and at the gate when Dick noticed that the propane tank door was open. The tray was broken and the tanks were not safe with just the door latch. While he was tending to this a woman was honking her horn wanting us to move. We had backed up enough that a 50' motorhome could have passed us and went through the gate. She was in a " clown car" that could have been driven through the pedestrian gate. This did nothing to ease my husbands what to do, what to do! I mentioned a couple of times that maybe we could wire the tray to lock it in place. An hour later he decided that maybe we could wire it in place. What a great idea and it worked.

Highway 8 is through the mountains with miles of warnings, about checking brakes, what the downhill grade is, and slow trucks ahead. This a not a comfort zone of mine. It requires that I do a Sudoku puzzle beyond my mental capacity. This must require enough concentration on my part to distract me from the possibility of plummeting to my death. My husband is not phased by these topographical events and keeps a running commentary about what I am missing. He was enamored with the fact that often the rocks were balanced on one another. I explained that when they built the road the CA department of tourism thought they would be more visibly appealing to drivers if piled them in attractive displays. He did not believe me.

Upon reaching sea level you look out at miles of sand dunes expecting to see camels emerge from behind them.

This is a state park and the ATV's and dune buggies are everywhere. Dick worried that there were so many they would drive them flat. I assured him I had seen enough high wind area signs that they would be blown back into sand drifts in no time. It's where "The Return of the Jedi " was filmed.

As we approached Yuma the RV parks were more and more prevalent. Ours was about 5 miles off the Hwy 8. It has the terrific view and sound of the airport and Marine base training area. Mexico is also just down the street. The pool is fabulous. That's good because it's 90 degrees, a D-R-Y heat.

All we've had today is a bottle of slim fast each. After getting a late lunch at Sonic and cooling Dick's pillow down with the air conditioning ,he is asleep and I had a nice swim.

Stay tuned, tomorrow we visit the territorial prison in use from 1876- 1909 that is now a state park, the Granite museum, and the famous Peanut Patch store.

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