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English guy who got took in by Aborigines after getting shipwrecked

First water fountain in Brisbane

Elephant apple

Today we headed down to the botanical gardens in downtown Brisbane. After a quick lunch and lie down in the sun we went on a walking tour of the gardens. We learnt some history about the gardens and the trees and plants within the area, most of which have been imported from abroad. The elephant apple is a species we have never seen before and comes from India.

The other pictures have historical backgrounds. The water fountain was the first fountain installed in Brisbane by the first curator of the botanical gardens. The statue is of an englishman who was shipwrecked and took in by aborigines and lived with them for 17 years. When they first set eyes on him they thought he was a ghost or spirit because he was so pale. The birds are a spiritual sign in aborigine culture and so the statue depicts spiritual life in the aborigine world.

Day 205 complete

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