Our Young Guide Showing Us Where To Park

Our Site Pink Mountain Ollie Looking Out

Jerry Checking Out The Teepee

Pink Mountain Sign

Pink Mountain Store

We got a very late start today and didn't leave Dawson Creek until around 2 PM. We drove to Pink Mountain RV Park at Mile 143 on the Alaska Highway. We paid $20 for water and electric hookups with a pull thru site. We just wanted a place to park and sleep and that's about all we did. The electric turned out to be only 15 amps. We have never had hookups this low before and it took Jerry a minute to find the right adapter to hook the electric up.

I am glad we did have the right adapter. We had to use the generator to do much more than watch a video but it was fine. We watched the Alaska By RV video by Judy & Bob Howen again for the 20th time at least. The closer we get to Alaska the more interesting it gets. :-) They had a nice little store at the campsite and the decorations for the place were neat. They had a Teepee set up that Jerry checked out. Our escort to the site was a cutie with an ATV, I had to add his picture to the journal he was so cute and sweet. That's it for today. More from the Alaska Highway. Pictures will be added when we have faster internet. Please check back later.

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