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We had a very exciting drive today from Pink Mountain to Fort Nelson. We saw two huge black bears, one on the side of the road and the other a bit off the road at a stream. We also saw a huge deer. The roads today were quite interesting. We had a mix of 10% grades down to 6%. Some of the roads were very bumpy and dirty. I think they just filled a lot of spots with gravel and they even had signs telling you to prepare for loose gravel and dust. There were clouds of dust at times and the rest of the time the roads were great.

We stopped for the night at Fort Nelson at Westend RV Campground. I think it is Mile 282. I have my gps set from Dawson Creek to keep up with the miles the easy way, but I forgot to reset it exactly at Mile O so I think it's a mile or two off. It sure helps us to keep up with what mile we are at by doing that. I look at the gps mile and then go to the Milepost Magazine and see what's coming up next. I won't reset my gps until we get to the end. We came to this RV Park because of the WiFi thinking I could get caught up on emails etc. They do have WiFi but it's not working at our site. ugh Once we are parked with the jacks down and the slide out we aren't going to move unless it's serious. :-) I am typing my journals off-line and will be adding them later when I have fast connections. More later from the Alaska Highway.

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