Awesome Campsite Muncho Lake

Jerry Building Fire

Our Campsite Side View

Ollie Loved This Place

Look At The Water

Can You See Our Coach In The Trees?

Incredible Place

Our Campfire

Ollie Wanted To Go In :-)

Loons On The Lake

One Last View

We had planned to drive to Liard Springs today and check out the famous hot springs and camp there one night until we got to Muncho Lake. We could not believe our eyes when we saw this place. It is even more beautiful than the place we have raved about called Bear Lake in Idaho. The water here is a mix of blues and greens and the color is from copper oxide in the water.

We were blessed to find a campsite at what they call their provincial parks, which is the same as our state parks. It has no hookups but the beauty is enough to make us happy. We will use our generator to cook etc. We set up a campfire and just enjoyed the beauty of this place. The campground is called Strawberry Flats and the cost was $15. Our campsite was the one on the very end with total privacy out our right windows with nothing but woods and the gorgeous lake. We pulled straight in so our view through the windshield is awesome.

The lake is 7 miles long and 1 mile wide. I would love to stay here for at least two weeks and have a boat to explore every inch of this lake. We are at mile 437 and plan to drive to Liard Springs tomorrow and check it out. More later from the Alaska Highway.

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