Sign Post Entrance

Jerry Looking At All The Signs

The Cache!!

Our Site Watson Lake

We have enjoyed staying put for two days in one place for a change. :-) They did get the Internet fixed and we had a chance to catch up on all the journals and some of the mail. They do not have any cable or TV and we still have no phone service, Canada blocked our calls even though we have International roaming.

We did get to go geocaching yesterday and it was at an awesome place called the Sign Post Forest. The cache was hidden between two signs and you had to find those names. It was cool! The sign forest was started in 1942 by a homesick US Army soldier named Carl Lindley from Illinois. While working on the Alaska Highway he erected a sign pointing to his home town and telling the mileage. Others started to copy him and now it's huge. We are leaving this morning and will post more later from the Alaska Highway.

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