We Are In The Yukon Territory

Awesome Reflections

Tons Of Stone Sheep In The Road, So Cool! :-)

Beautiful Views

More Gorgeous Scenery

Toad River Lodge

Hats On The Ceiling

Close Up Of Hats

Hat Count For The Day :-)

Jerry The Toad :-)

Toad River Lodge Sign

Awesome Views On The Winding Roads

Leaving Lake Muncho

Cloud Reflections

Can You Believe This Place?


I tried To Take A View Of The Water

More Awesome Views

Jerry Throwing A Rock

The Hit

Our Very Dirty Home :-)

Our Ugly But Wonderful For Rocks Rock Guard

Jerry Enjoying Liard Hot Springs

Wonderful Hot Springs

Info About The Springs

We left around eleven this morning and drove about 50 miles for our stop at Liard Hot Springs at Mile post 477 on the Alaska Highway. We parked the coach in a huge lot they have available for people who just want to visit the springs and not stay at the campground. We walked on a boardwalk for about .4 of a mile to the beautiful springs. The water was so hot in some places you could not stay still in it. I had to move and find a bit cooler spot. Our faces looked like red lobsters in only a few minute but it felt so good. The temperatures range from 106 to 126 degrees. The cost to visit the springs is $5 each and was well worth the price. If you are in the area do not miss this one.

We came back to the coach and had a sandwich for lunch and then we were back on the road. We had one of the most exciting days with wildlife today. We had a baby bear run like lightning across the road and then stop and look at us. It was too fast for me to get the camera but was awesome. We went a bit down the road and another big bear and another cub showed up. We had a ton of stone sheep right in the road and had to wait on them to move too. It has been somewhat like being in Yellowstone for this part of the highway.

One place we stopped at had the most beautiful reflections of clouds and snow topped mountains in the lake I have ever seen. I wish my sister Betty had been here to see this. She would have painted what we saw and done it justice. I took tons of pictures to show it but the beauty was hard to capture. I tried to get a picture of just the water but the cloud reflections were all you could see. I know the pictures do not do it justice but will at least give you an idea of the beauty.

We are staying at a campground called Campground Services RV Park that advertised itself as the BEST in the area but it was just okay. The cost is $25 a night with full hookups and it's a pull thru. We came here because it said they had Wi-Fi but we have not been able to get on at all. They said it's down with problems but I am finding that most of them are down in this area all the time. :-) Don't expect a lot of connectivity with the internet in this area because it's out in the boondocks.

I am writing my journals and saving them to paste into the site when I find connections, but it's not happening yet. We are going tomorrow to check out the famous Watson Lake Signpost Forest and hopefully do one geocache there. I printed out one way back last week when we were able to connect to the Internet. I hope it's the right one because we are now in Yukon Territory and I have to find a cache to put on my geocaching map. More later from Alaska.

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