Unusual Writing Using Stones For Miles

Views On The Way

Crossing Long Bridge Into Teslin

Close Up Of Bridge

Bove Island

It Was Beautiful!

Welcome To Alaska!!!! Pardon The Dirty Windshield

Frozen Lake Just Inside The Border

Truck Escape

U.S. Customs

U.S. Customs

Bikers Check In Before Us

Downtown Skagway

Ships In Harbor

Jerry Getting Ready For Father's Day Shopping Spree

We Loved This Store

White Pass Railway

Beautiful View Of Mountains

Signs To Alaskan Cities

Buggy Tour

Jerry's Been Shopping One Bag

Jerry's Been Shopping Some More

Our Roomy Campsite Mountain View RV

View Of The Mountain From Our Window

Skagway from way up in the hills where we went geocaching.

Near Our First Geocache In Skagway

We are in Alaska! Yeah!!!! We drove over 300 miles from Watson Lake to Skagway, Alaska via the Klondike Highway and it was a beautiful drive. On the way we saw these most unusual writing in stone all along the sides of the road. They stretched for miles with no houses or anything around them which was strange but they were cool. Lots of hearts etc. but they were hard to read on the road going so fast.

I have to say that the Alaska Highway is not nearly as bad as all the talk we have heard. Of course we have 700 more miles of it to drive when we leave here so maybe it's the last part that is so bad, but we have not had any problems at all. We had one stretch of gravel road for about 10 miles with a ton of dust and trucks that were throwing rocks but we just slowed down and all was well.

We crossed a bridge in Teslin, Yukon that had a steel metal grade that was a bit scary. It felt slippery is the only way I know how to describe it. I was glad when we got off of it. :-) Just before we got to the Alaska border we stopped at an awesome island called Bove Island. It was so beautiful I took quite a few pictures there. Then we saw the Welcome to Alaska sign and it was an awesome sight for our eyes. I have dreamed of going to Alaska for so long it was an unreal feeling, but an awesome one to arrive.

Customs into the US was about the same as entering Canada except we had 9 bikers in front of us going first and had to wait. It went pretty fast though, they asked the usual questions and said have a great visit.

The drive after customs into Skagway was some of the steepest grades we have encountered on this trip so far. We went from 2700 feet to 100 feet in a few miles. They had truck escapes all over for people who lose control of the brakes it was so steep. Thank God we did not have any problems but it was exciting to say the least. :-)

We had a wonderful day today shopping in downtown Skagway for Jerry's Father's Day and went out to eat some of the best fish and chips we have ever had. It was Alaskan cod and was fresh out of the water for sure. Happy Father's Day! We will post more from Skagway later.

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