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Yarn for baby socks.

Soles for making slippers.

Slipper upper yarns.

A big day for Scottie, his first birthday in China. He was busy all day, and I did not see him until after 9 at night. But he has had a good day.

I had a pretty busy day, and started with re-making my bed, and then sweeping and mopping my floor. Good to feel like the place is really clean again!!

Later in the day, I set off to get slipper bases and yarn. That was not very hard, this time. And the wool shop man is happy to use wechat to be able to communicate. I let him know that I would be away in just over a week's time, and he was keen to know all about that.

I went from his shop to the little sewing type shop behind him. I was hoping to get a range of zippers from him, but it proved more difficult than I had hoped. I did come away with quite a lot though, and very well priced! Then as I was looking around his little shop, and found quite a range of buttons, so bought a heap of them too.

Then I remembered that I was meaning to get some more yarn for baby socks, so I went back to the wool shop, and managed to get nine different colours. Very good to be stocked up. I understand that our sock stocks are getting very low, so I'll have to get knitting when I get back!!

As I was heading out of the market area, I saw some nice little mangoes, so indulged myself! I never used to like these little hits of flavour, but now have learned to love them.

I got the bus back to the college, and relaxed for a while.

I had a plan to go and watch the new music fountain show in the city tonight, so headed out again around 6pm, planning to get a salad from Starbucks for dinner, but they had none left, so I ended up next door at KFC. Not quite up to scratch, but it will have to do.

I took my bag of food over to Paifang Square, and found a bench to sit on while I ate. The show was to begin at 7.45, so I had plenty of time to eat.

The show was disappointing to say the least. They now have just one fountain spraying water, and a lot of laser beams in the sky. The show comprises of a series of slides projected onto the water spray. Quite effective, but boring to the max, by the time it is only half way through.

I had taken the camera, and was prepared for a photo shoot, but I never even got it out. I hope that I will go out again, and get some photos before I leave. But it is not anywhere near as visually pleasing as the old show.

I headed back to the bus stop, and quite soon got a bus back to the college.

A couple of stops along the way, there were a big group of people got on the bus. Obviously been out celebrating something. Two ladies sat on either side of me, and one had a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and they smelt gorgeous. I managed to let her know that that is what I thought. And then two of them wanted photos with me!! Fun times!!

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