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Gingerbread Light house at the aquarium

Sea otter seeing in the sea water.

A family having fun at the aquarium.. So much to look at!


Black Oystercatcher

Tufted Puffin swimming unnder water to eat a fish

Stinging Sea Nettles. Not nice but so pretty

Sea Anenome. They have little stinging cells in the tentacles that can...

Tidepool Christmas colors.

Mike enjoying the tube, and seeing Halibut, just like the ones we...

FIsh just hanging out.

Another fish. Probably should know what they are and name them huh?

Among the fishes

A funny t-shirt in the gift shop

These water bags are fly deterents!

Note explains the fly bags. Try it!

Nice seafood dinner!

Oregon Coast

Approaching storm. Time to go!










We had another break in the rain, well at least it was not raining as hard. We headed out to the Coast again. We had a short visit with my brother Bill before we went on to the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport. I have not been here in many years. This is the aquarium which used to house Keiko the Killer Whale which was the star in the movie “Free Willy”. Well Keiko is long since gone and the aquarium has had a lot of changes but it was a nice visit. A couple of geocaches, some jelly fish and puffins. Not a bad day in my book!

We heard about another place to eat too. South Beach Café. It is not a big fancy place but the food was good. We even learned that if you hang a zip-lock bag of water over your doorway, it keeps flies out. It must have worked. We did not see any flies in there!

From there we tried to go to see some of the large surf that was in the area, but the tide was going out and the rain was coming in, and darkness was falling so we called it a day. I love the coast!

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