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I can see how Blue Mesa Reservoir got its name

The Pinnacles

Beautiful - even if it's very low

Another beautiful drive

Through ranch country

Home in Centennial RV Park outside Montrose, CO

Not a bad view from our spot here!

On the road to the Black Canyon

These guys weren't shy at all

Here we are

Our first view

See the river in the bottom?

From far away it looks like pure rock - but up close...

River & trees in the bottom of the canyon

Callie wanted to see the canyon, too

The canyon is from 1750 to 2700 ft deep

It doesn't look too bad from here!

I think Callie sees a chipmunk


There's the painted wall - river looks tiny below

Another view

Looking out toward Grand Mesa


You would never suspect that there's a deep canyon 100 yds off...

Wow! Another day of fantastic scenery!

We left Gunnison this morning & went 65 miles down the road to Montrose, CO. After setting up our home & having a quick lunch, we headed out to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. We saw the Black Canyon 40 years ago - it wasn't a national park then. In fact, it just became a national park in 1999. The National Park Service has done a wonderful job with this park. The overlooks & view points are great & the visitors center is very nice. We watched the short movie about the history of the Black Canyon & it was very informative & well done. The canyon itself is awesome - awe inspiring. Seeing this makes you realize how small you are & how powerful God is.

We spent several hours in the park going from viewing spot to viewing spot - taking picture after picture - & none of them seem to really do justice to the canyon. You just have to see it for yourself.

More later...

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