Glenda's Adventures with Daisy 2006-07 travel blog

Gazebo on Pond "Island"

Pond Fountain with Faint Rainbow


Before leaving Athens I visited the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center on the banks of Lake Athens to see their 300,000 gallons of aquaria. The highlight for me was the dive show after an introductory video. A diver feeds the fish and discusses the various species, using an intercom system. After the show we were treated to a tram ride around the grounds to see the fish ponds ranging is size from a quarter acre to two acres in size. The Center specializes in bass fish.

Another short journey (41 miles) took me from Athens to Wills Point to spend a couple of nights at Canton I-20 RV Park. About the time I went through Canton, there was a hard driving rain which slowed my progress for a few miles. Daisy enjoyed her nice bath and getting rid of the evidence of birds' visits. After I arrived at the campground, I had lunch in my motorhome while waiting for the rain to stop. No need getting soaked! That's one of the advantages of motorhomes over travel trailers.

From my rear window I could see the small pond and gazebo. Occasionally the ducks and geese come out of the water and waddle around. The owner told me that they had started out with two duck hens and their ducklings. Then they added the two young geese. Near the pond is a small stable with a few horses.


Early this afternoon I had a very pleasant surprise. Bill and Lenora Clyde were passing by this RV park on their way home to Tyler from California with their new Lazy Daze. They saw my Lazy Daze and decided to check it out. Theirs is 30 feet long and is the same color as mine. We had a wonderful visit for about two and a half hours -- as though we were long-time friends! Bill is a dentist. We discovered that we have several things in common, other than our choice of motorhomes. They like the freedom, convenience and spontaneity of RV travel. They also have just bought a used 21-foot Chinook like the one I used to have except that it's gray and white.

They are members of the South Central Lazy Daze Owners' Club and invited me to join. They are co-hosting their fall campout at Tyler State Park October 19-21. A local Dutch Oven Society group will provide the meal one night. Yum!! That date will conflict with my Loners on Wheels campout but I decided to attend it anyway. The Lazy Daze club meets only twice a year, whereas LoW has something every month. They will mail me a membership application form. They assured me that my status as a single woman would not be a problem in the club. There are some other singles. I'm looking forward to meeting this group.

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