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outside of the cities

neat cow "fuel" piles

life on th Ganges

life in the Ganges

Tibetian monostery over Nainital

a lady who works at the monostery

blooming rhododendrons

Nainital from above

view of the Himalayas

the highest mountain fully in India

The drive from the plains to Nainital on the foothills of the Himalayas was a long one. Instead of the direct road first we returned to Delhi, where we stopped for a short time at the house of our driver. This added to a long day on the road, but we were happy to comply with his request to do so. Before the 16 days with us he only returned from a simmilar trip less than 12 hours earlier. Besides not only he had a chance to visit with his wife and 2 years old son, but we had a chance to see where a real Indian family lives. BTW, talking to Shyam only underscored the wisdom that for equality women need to have their own money/income. Shyam is a very nice guy, and a great driver, however..... clearly while out on the trips he feels like a single guy and having a 19 years old wife at home does not stop him from trying to get a little something anywhere he can. Meanwhile he is adamant that his wife should not have a work, particularly not outside of the house. Yeah, right. If she had an income, she might even have the power to say: stop playing around or else...

So it was not until 1 AM that we got to Nainital. This town was a very popular hill station (ie where people would go up in the mountains to escape the summer heat of the low lands) during the British times, and it still draws a huge crowd during the summer. The reason why we came here because Peter wanted to see some high mountains. While Nainital is still a good 100 K away from the highest Himalayan ranges in India, but it offers a decent view of it without the long drive to get a close look.

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