Kluane Kampground

Our Campsite Haines Junction

Klondike Highway View 1

Customs Into Canada Again

Klondike View 2

Klondike View 3

Klondike View 4

Emerald Lake 1

Emerald Lake 2

Emerald Lake 3

Emerald Lake 4

One Last View

We left Skagway this morning around 11 and drove to Haines Junction, Yukon. The drive on the Klondike Highway was absolutely beautiful. We passed a lake called Emerald Lake that was so beautiful it is very hard to describe, you just have to see the pictures. I am sure my pictures do not do it justice. If you are ever in the area do not miss that lake.

We had to go through Canadian customs again today and everything went fine until he told us he had to come inside the coach. We were kind of shocked and wondered what on earth it was about. He came in and started petting Ollie like crazy and Ollie loved it. He then left and said have a great trip. He just wanted to see Ollie, he said he had a golden too and wanted to meet him. We wondered when he kept asking so many questions about our dog. He didn't even look at his papers etc. He saw him and was excited that Ollie is blonde in color. Go figure! You never know what to expect but that one takes the cake. :-)

We have stopped for the night at Kluane RV Kampground, mostly just to sleep without even unhooking the car. The rate was $25 with full hookups and cable plus the internet so we are very pleased with the rate. The views from our campground are awesome as usual. It just keeps getting better. Every time we think we have seen something that nothing will top, it keeps happening again. I hope you enjoy the views as I try my best to capture the awesome sites we are seeing. Back on the Alaska Highway again tomorrow, we will stop whenever we get too tired to drive more. :-)

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