Alaska University of The North Museum

Their Bear Mascot

Gold Nuggets On Display

More Gold

Huge Jade Boulder

That's A Huge Piece Of Jade

Horse Sculpture Called Calypso

Info About Calypso

Creamer's Wildlife Refuge

Sandhill Cranes All Over The Field Of Flowers

I Loved This Sign :-)

Ollie Loved This Observation Platform Too

Swallows On Top And Coming Out Of The Breeding Box

Awesome Bird Display

Baby Swallow Being Banded

Info Recorded

Beautiful Nature Trails

I Don't Know What These Were From But It Was Scary To...

Wild Iris Everywhere

Lots Of Birch Trees And Very Green Wild Ferns

This One Mile Loop Was Full Of Birds & Awesome

Back At The Old Dairy After 4 Miles Of Trails

Unusual Flower On The Trail

Close Up

More Wild Iris

Beautiful Yellow Flowers

Another Field Of Yellow

Awesome Green Ferns Etc.

Today we visited a wonderful wildlife refuge called Creamer's Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge. It has over 1,800 acres of hiking, bird watching and education. This use to be an old dairy farm owned by people with the last name of Creamer.

The former dairy serves as a rest stop and breeding area for many migrating birds. We saw a ton of Sandhill Cranes and lots of regular songbirds. The trails were fantastic. We kept walking because it was so beautiful and before long we had walked 4 miles.

The Boreal Forest trail was our favorite; it looked so green it was like walking in a rain forest. We were also very pleased to be allowed to watch a banding of a baby tree swallow. The fields of wild flowers were bursting with colors of yellow and purple and white with wild pink roses scattered along the trails. Ollie enjoyed this as much as we did, but he is a tired puppy now. :-) I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. More later from Fairbanks.

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