Vickie At Airport

Vickie & Jerry At Campsite

Getting Ready For The Discovery Cruise

Susan Butcher's Sled From The Iditarod

Cool Sea Plane Landing

House On Chena River With Their Own Plane

Susan Butcher's Husband's Mushing Team Demo

Fish Cleaning Demo, She Did It In 30 Seconds

Tent Made of Furs

Fur Display

Smoked Salmon

Vickie The Dog Musher :-)

The Three Of Us At Pioneer Village

Vickie With The Antlers

Vickie On The Train Pioneer Park

Our Campsite Denali

We Enjoyed A Nice Fire And A Beautiful Back Yard

Mama & Baby Moose In The Road

Mama Crossing

God Blessed Us With This Beautiful Rainbow Right After The Moose

Getting Ready To Load The Bus For The Denali Tour

Ranger Welcomed Us On The Tour Bus

Grizzly Bear Sighting

Wolf Passed Right By Our Bus

This Place Is Awesome

Look At The Road How Scary

Awesome Views

Denali Behind Us But The Clouds Covered It

Vickie Taking Pictures Of Denali

Eilson Visitor Center Denali

We have had a very busy few days since Vickie arrived. She only has a week and we are packing in everything we can for her to see and do while she is here. We took her on a tour of North Pole first and then we took a three hour tour on the Riverboat Discovery. The cost was $49.95 each but we had the Alaskan Tour Saver book that had a buy one get one free coupon that saved us the price of one ticket. The tour was worth every penny and we highly recommend it.

My favorite part of the tour was the dog mushing demonstration done by Susan Butcher's husband. She was the famous Iditarod winner who sadly passed away in 2006. We also had an Alaskan bush pilot land his sea plane right by the boat which was really cool. Then it took us to a native village where they showed us how they preserved salmon and made clothing of furs and much more about the history of Alaska. It was amazing to learn how these awesome people managed to live where the temperature gets to 60 below zero.

The next day we visited Pioneer Park and then headed for Denali. The drive from Fairbanks to Denali was incredible. We set up for two days of camping at Riley Creek campground right inside the gates of Denali National Park. It had no hookups but the views and the location made it worth using our generator. :-)

The price for camping was only $10 a night and we were only two minutes away from where we took our Denali tour. We took the 66 mile tour into the park for $29.25 each. That is the best $29 dollars we have ever spent. It was INCREDIBLE! We left around 6 A.M and got back home around 2:30 P.M. We didn't get as great a view of Denali "Mt. McKinley" as we would have liked to because of the clouds on top, but it was still fantastic. We were blessed to see two grizzly bears, three caribou, a wolf that walked right by our bus, tons of snowshoe hare, arctic squirrels, red squirrels, birds and more. Next we will be driving the awesome Seward Highway. More later from Alaska.

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