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South Falls at Silver Falls State Park in Fall

South Falls in Winter after a lot of rain.

The top of South Falls during Fall.

Upstream at South Falls

Pretty mushrooms

From behind South Falls

Maidenhair Fern in the mist

Fall foliage

Trail n the park

Rainbow from my parents house

Sticky and local residents. Ignoring each other.

Turkey. Getting stuffed before Thanksgiving?

Our camper and my parents driveway.


Lower South Falls in winter

From behind Lower South Falls

The path that leads behind the Lower South Falls

Ferns and Lichens clinging to moist rocks

Canyon trail

More canyon trail

Trees harvested for Christmas. Many get shipped all over the country

Golden light in the Willamette Valley

Sunset over a flooded field

We woke up today and the SUN WAS SHINING! It had been raining hard for over a week. We HAD to get out! One place we like to go is Silver Falls State Park. It is about 45 minute drive from my parents’ house. It is the largest state park in Oregon and consists of over 9200 square acres. They even have a friends group. There are a lot of trails here. One is called the Trail of Ten Falls where in a moderate hike of 7.2 miles you can see ten waterfalls. The most popular one is South Falls which is 177 feet high. The trail actually goes behind some of the falls including this one. We have been here many times over the years for picnics and hikes. It is a beautiful park. In fact we have had a few trips here during our stay in Oregon.

We visited a few times so far this fall and winter. You may notice a difference in the pictures. Recently there has been a tremendous amount of rain in Oregon, causing landslides and flooding in some areas. News reports are saying that in the last two rainstorms which were back to back, Oregon has matched its normal annual rainfall. That is a lot of rain. One local guy we saw on the trail said it is a good time to come to see the waterfalls, especially after some “ass kickin’ rain”. When an Oregonian calls rain “ass kicking” you know it is serious! And the falls after this rain were truly impressive. The trail behind South Falls was open in the fall but closed during our winter visit due to a downed tree lying across the top. But we did get to walk further down the trail to Lower South Falls and walked behind that one. I cannot put into words the power of that water. Very powerful! We got a bit wet getting to it, since there was some run off on the side of the hill that we had to walk under, and through, but wow. Just wow.

After hiking down to the falls and the (huff puff) climb back up (huff puff) out of the canyon (huff puff) we arrived at the lodge. The fireplace was crackling and we enjoyed a couple of mugs of hot cocoa. It was a spectacular day.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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