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Decorations at House in Far Southeast Austin

Late this afternoon I called Camping World to check the status of my air conditioner issue. The service manager said that the warranty company refused to pay for a new air conditioner but that they will pay for the parts and labor to repair the old one. At least that’s better than nothing at all. He has ordered the squirrel cage and will call me when it arrives.

Because I don’t see very well at night, I had told my community group that I would not be at the meeting tonight. Our hosts were Dan and Martha Boswell, who live in far southeast Austin. I’m not familiar with that neighborhood, so I feel very insecure driving at night. Wes and Donnie Spradley invited me to drive to their house and ride with them to the Boswells’ house. I’m familiar with their neighborhood, so that worked well for me. The Boswells have a very lovely house. They served us two kinds of sweets, hot spiced apple cider and coffee. We sang quite a few Christmas carols.

On the way home, Wes made a wrong turn but it wasn’t difficult to correct and it turned out to be a good experience. Most of the houses in that neighborhood had beautiful lights. We saw one house with a giant page of the Bible with the Christmas story. I just had to take a couple of photos. Donnie tried to get one with her phone but it said that the memory card was missing. I hope the phone had enough memory itself to store the photo.

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