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Judi & Bishop childhood friend Lynn Henderson

Mt. Whitney

Lone Pine Peak & Mt. Whitney

David's sister & brother-in-law Alyce & Larry

Full moon over the Inyo Mountains

Big load for a little pickup!

Moving south from Lone Pine

Southern end of the Sierras

Do you see the dragon?

Entering Red Rock Canyon



Mojave Desert - Joshua Trees

Joshua Tree

Wind machines in Mojave

Wind machine art

Ranch in the Tehachapi Valley

Train tunnel on Tehachapi Pass

Coming down into the Central Valley

Orange groves near Bakersfield

They still have some oil pumpers in the Bakersfield area

There was an accident on Hwy 99 - look at the trucks!

Lots of vineyards in the Central Valley now

Pistachio orchard - also saw almonds & walnuts

They still grow some cotton - but not much

Saturday Judi's childhood friend Lynn Henderson drove up from Lancaster to visit. They hadn't seen each other in 30 years! The weather was beautiful so we sat outside & had a great visit.

Sunday morning we went to church with Alyce & Larry at their church in Independence. The pastor is the brother-in-law of the director of the Christian camp where we served for 13 years. His son also served there & worked for David for several summers & then a couple of years full time. It was nice to see him & his wife again.

That afternoon Alyce & Larry came out for dinner. David grilled elk steaks - yum! Another beautiful day let us sit outside & take a nice walk around the park after dinner. We really enjoyed the few days we spent in Lone Pine & the times we were able to get together with Alyce & Larry!

This morning we left Lone Pine about 9:00 am. We drove south to Mojave, across Tehachapi Pass & then north up the Central Valley. We were 89 miles from Visalia as the crow flies but we drove 240 miles down one side of the Sierras & then back up the other side. There are no roads across the southern Sierras. We enjoyed seeing the Mojave Desert again.

We're staying in the Country Manor Mobile Home Community here in Visalia. They have 25 rv spots but as we drove around the park we noticed lots of rv's in mobile home spaces. It's very unusual for us to be staying in a city but we have to do our annual doctor visits & tests so we'll be here for most of the next month. Since we won't be sightseeing every day we won't be posting on the journal as often.

More later...

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