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Piles of wood chips waiting to be loaded into ships in North...

A huge lumber mill in North Bend

Oregon has gorgeous bridges - this one at North Bend

We saw lots of these

Another interesting bridge - all cement

And another

Heceta Head Lighthouse

Alcea Bay Bridge at Waldport - working on the bridge under those...

Historic waterfront area of Newport

Beverly Beach

Here's home in a wonderful forest setting

This stream runs behind our campsite

David really is enjoying himself - even if it doesn't look like...


We left the rv park in Charleston about 9:00 am. It was a good thing we got a fairly early start because 101 between North Bend & Newport is very curvy & slow. Our gps didn't want us to stay on 101 above Reedsport but we'd towed the trailer down this section of 101 before so we ignored it. When we didn't take the turn inland in Florence, it became so obnoxious that we turned it off. We discovered the reason the gps didn't want us on this section - there was a tunnel that was just 11' on the sides. We had to crowd over the center line to get our 13' trailer thru it. But we made it safely to Newport & got to Beverly Beach State Park about 12:30.

It was a beautiful drive up the coast. We drove thru more forests (& met lots of logging trucks - some were even double trailers). We also drove beside the sand dunes of the Oregon Dunes Natl Recreation Area. And there was more inland water in this stretch of the road - lakes & rivers - & lots of unique bridges. Then we were on the beautiful coast again.

We're camped in one of our favorite Oregon State Parks - Beverly Beach State Park. We paid for only 2 nites thinking we'd need to move to an rv park with cable & wi-fi after a couple of days but were surprised to find that we get the necessary channels for news & the Nascar race on our antennae & our Verizon hot spot gets 3G here. So it looks like we'll be able to stay here longer. We enjoyed sitting around a campfire this evening - something we haven't done since we've been on the road as most rv parks don't allow open fires. We even roasted marshmallows!

We're looking forward to exploring this area of the coast again. More later...

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