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Today we began our Safari experience. It began with an early wake up call, a ride to the airport and then a wait outside in the morning coolness for the rental car guy to arrive so that we could return the rental van.

Once that was accomplished we checked in for our flight, cleared security, which was much simpler than in the USA, and then sat down for a little breakfast before boarding our flight.

The 2 and ½ hour flight had us arriving at Kruger International Airport by 12:30.

Once again we went through the rental car routine and then struggled for about an hour to get all of the luggage for six people into the smaller than requested Van.

Tony did a good job of driving and we were on our way.

A stop at the little town of Malelane for groceries and liquor took nearly two hours, but we entered Kruger National Park right at 4:30 PM.

Within less than an hour after entering the park we had seen 12 rhinos, including two babies, an elephant, three to five crocodiles, many impala, numerous birds and weren’t finished for the day yet.

Later, as we sat outdoors listening to the animals outside the electrified fence Howard saw something move near a tree which was close by. The flashlights shining in the darkness revealed that it was a genet , a beautiful cat like animal with gray and black stripes, not unlike a raccoon.

We have a lot of pictures to show you once we are able to post the blog again.

We have an early start tomorrow, planning to be at the gate when it opens to let us out at 5:30 AM.

Perhaps I should mention that we are at Berg-en-Dal camp, enclosed by an electric fence from 6:00 at night until 5:30 in the mornings.

I feel a bit like the folks in Jurassic Park. LOL

In any case we are having a wonderful time.

Life is Good!

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