Our Campsite Williwaw Campground

Stream Behind Our Campsite

Another View Of The Back

Waterfalls & Glaciers Behind Our Site, This Place Is Awesome!!

Jared Our Excellent New Driver :-)

We Visited The Alaska Wildlife Center And Saw A Ton Of Animals

Look At This Awesome Moose

Look At The Color Of The Water, It Was Beautiful!

Salmon Viewing Area

Bear Alert At Our Campsite But We Never Saw Him

A Day Trip To Whittier, Alaska

Awesome Views Along The Way

People Fishing Prince William Sound

Whittier Harbor

Shopping Whittier

Close Up View Of Glaciers Behind Our Campsite

Jared & Jerry Getting Ready To Fish Behind Our Site

We are staying at Williwaw campground in the wilderness with no hookups. It is AWESOME!!! We are surrounded with huge snow capped mountains with waterfalls all over and glaciers all over the top. Behind our campsite is a flowing stream with crystal clear water making a rushing sound perfect for sleeping. It almost sounds like I am making all this up but honestly it's all true. :-) The price for all this was $9 a night. We were ready for some natural beauty and we found it.

We took a day trip to the little town of Whittier, Alaska and enjoyed it much. We had to go through a long tunnel to get there. It use to be used for trains and has been paved to make it smooth for cars. The views on the way were awesome. We saw some people fishing in Prince William Sound that had already caught 30 fish and were still going strong. I saw them pull in 11 myself. Jerry and Jared tried to rent some rod and reels but the guys who rented them went home for lunch and never came back. :-) These people know how to live stress free and really take it easy.

We are really enjoying our time with Jared. He just turned 15 and got his driving permit, he is doing an excellent job of driving us around. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

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