A Pair Of Eagles On The Beach In Front Of Our Campsite

The Famous Eagle Spot

Info About Homer Spit Fishing Hole

The Fishing Hole

Sourdough Express Great Food

Our Campsite Homer Spit

Jerry & Jared Checking Out The Price Of Fresh Fish

The Famous Salty Doug Saloon

Shops On The Spit

The Beautiful Harbor

Eagles Everywhere

View From One The The Geocaches We Found

View On The Way To Another Cache

Great Fishing At The End Of The Spit

Jared Caught Seven Flounders

Flounder Washed Up With A Wave :-)

A Very Nice Flounder

Jared's Huge Starfish

Starfish Close Up

What A Beautiful Place To Fish

A Very Nice Farmer's Market In Homer

A Good View Of The Spit Behind Us

A View Of The Spit From Skyline Drive

Russian Church Of Saint Nicholas

A Neat Russian Cafe

Jared Looking Handsome In His Russian Hat :-)

Most Unusual Cafe

We Found A Geocache Here

Great Idea For Old Boots :-)

We are staying at the Homer Spit RV Park in a small town called Homer, Alaska. We are parked with our windshield facing beautiful snow capped mountains right on Kachemak Bay. There is nothing more beautiful to me than the ocean with mountains meeting the water. I am giving out of words to tell you how beautiful this great state is. :-) We woke up this morning to two bald eagles sitting right on the beach in front of us. They are also soaring in the sky and diving for fish all over the place. On the way here we saw another moose with her baby and a black bear ran right across the road in front of us.

We are camping right on the Homer Spit. The Homer Spit is a geographical landmark located in Homer, Alaska on the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula. The spit is a 4.5 mile long piece of land jutting out into Kachemak Bay. The spit is also home to the Homer Boat Harbor. The harbor contains both deep and shallow water docks and serves up to 1500 commercial and pleasure boats at its summer peak. Additional attractions include The Nick Dudiak Fishing Lagoon, which is an artificial "fishing hole". Campgrounds, hotels, and restaurants including the Salty Dawg Saloon, which is constructed out of several historic buildings from Homer. Hundreds of eagles also gather here in winter to be fed by Jean Keene, the "Eagle Lady". The Spit features the longest road into ocean waters in the entire world, taking up 10-15 minutes to cover by car. It was so cool for us to find a site available here.

We enjoyed geocaching in the area and the caches took us to some gorgeous places we would have missed without caching. Jared started geocaching at the same time we did and he loves it as much as us. Jared has tried fishing in the famous fishing hole but has not had any luck fishing there. We heard about flounder biting at the end of the spit so we decided to go check it out. Well, Jared caught 7 flounders and had a ball pulling them in. He does not have to have a fishing license because he is 15.

Jerry has been waiting to make sure the fish are biting before he buys his. He decided to get his the next day and we went back again for more flounder. No bragging rights to report for the second trip except Jared caught a huge starfish. :-) We did have the STRANGEST thing happen though. Jerry was fishing and had his bait in the water and a boat made a huge wave. I saw a flounder ride in on the wave and land on the beach. I thought Jerry had caught it and was pulling it in but it floated in right at his feet. haha Does God have a sense of humor too? We laughed so hard, we could not believe what we saw with our own eyes. We took it and had it filleted and we are going to cook it and enjoy every bite. I don't know if Jerry is ever going to CATCH a fish, but he sure got this nice one delivered. :-)

I am adding a ton of pictures to show you some of the places we have visited in the area. I am way behind on my updates because of having slow or NO WIFI. I will catch up as soon as I can. More later from Alaska.

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