Our Campsite Seward Military Resort

View Of The Campground

Jared In Front Of Waterfall Seward

Musk Ox Burger Anyone? :-)

We Had A Great Chinese Buffet Here

A Very Nice Resort

Ready To Board The Orca Song

Can You Believe All These Birds?

Stellar Sea Lions All Over The Rocks

Jerry & Jared Looking For Wildlife

We Were So COLD & Wet, It Was Freezing & Ice Pellets...

Jared At The Alaska Sealife Center

Puffins, Kittiwakes & More

Murres Posing For Us

Beautiful Anemonies In The Tanks

Jared Touched One

This Puffin Came Right Up To Us, The Glass Was Dirty But...

A Neat Display Of Salmon

Lots Of Huge Fish Swimming In The Tank Too

Birds Were Diving Deep In The Water, It Was Cool To Watch

We are back in Seward, Alaska. This is one of our favorite places in Alaska and we didn't want Jared to miss it. This time we are staying at the Seward Military Resort. Jared has a military pass and has saved us a lot of money since he arrived.

We have had a lot of rain in Seward this trip and it's been very cold too. We had reservations on the Orca Song for a three hour wildlife tour and went anyway, even though it was raining and actually turned to pellets of ice. It was COLD but it was worth the trip. We saw two humpback whales feeding, lots of birds including the puffins, stellar sea lions, dall porpoises and more. This time the Alaska discount book saved us another $69. That book has been worth the purchase price of $99 for sure.

We also visited the Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward. I would highly recommend this one for sure. We saw puffins and murres diving under the water, sea lions, otters and much more. One of the puffins came right up to the glass to see us. He kept getting closer and closer to us until he was inches from us. I tried to get a good picture but the glass was really dirty. I took a video it was so cool. :-) We are heading toward the Anchorage area next because we have to be near the airport for Jared's trip back home. We are having a wonderful time with Jared and will miss him much. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. More later from Alaska.

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