Gorgeous Views Around Palmer

Mountain View RV Park

Entrance To Park

Our Campsite On The End, Look At All That Grass!!!

A Visit To Palmer Visitor Center

We Met This Big Boy That Looked Like Ollie, He Weighed 125...

Look At This Cabbage, It Will Weigh 100 Pounds When Mature

These Tall Plants Are Rhubarb

Lunch At La Fiesta Mexican, It Was Great!

Reindeer Farm Tour

A Nine Week Old Baby Moose

Jerry Feeding The Reindeer

Beautiful Mountains Around The Reindeer Farm

Jared Feeding The Reindeer

Huge Moose Sleeping

Jared's Favorite White Nose Reindeer

Jared Feeding A Huge Elk Grass

Reindeer All Over The Beautiful Field

Horses Returning From Their Trail Ride

Views On The Way Back To Our Home On Wheels

One Last View

We are staying at the Mountain View RV Park in Palmer, Alaska. This is a beautiful area that has a lot of grass. It is awesome to have grass after so many gravel parking lots. We had to stay pretty close to the airport for Jared's flight on the 26th.

After staying in Anchorage before and seeing the campsites there we decided it was worth the extra drive to Palmer to be in a prettier setting. Anchorage as a city is awesome but the campsites are not. This place is gorgeous with HUGE snow capped mountains all around us.

We visited the Palmer Visitor Center to see the huge vegetables Palmer is famous for. They did have some good size cabbages etc. but not as big as usual. They said it has been the coldest summer in years and the growing season has not been nearly as productive. We met a man that had a dog that looked just like Ollie, but he was huge. He weighed 125 pounds. Ollie is about 85 pounds. I included a picture so you could see the big Ollie. :-)

We had lunch at the La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant in town and it was excellent. We also took a tour of the local Reindeer Farm. They had a nine week old baby moose that was fun to watch. He would bend down on his knees to eat grass his legs were so long. He has a lot of growing to do. They had a ton of very tame reindeer that loved whatever the food was in the cups they gave us. I fed mine fast and got rid of the cup so I could take pictures of Jared and Jerry feeding them. It was a cool place to visit and we enjoyed it much. They also had a huge elk that Jared enjoyed feeding. The place where they live is drop dead gorgeous. I have included a lot of pictures to show the area, I hope you enjoy them. More later from Alaska.

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