Saturday Market Valdez

Chain Saw Carving

We Loved The Welcome Moose :-)

Bridal Veil Falls

Horsetail Falls, It Was Awesome!

Bears In Area Warning Sign

Fish Were Spawning Everywhere

We Saw Two Bears Here So Far

Close Up Of Bear

Side View

Jerry's Favorite Fishing Spot

Fish Jumping Everywhere

One Of The Six Fish He Caught

Jerry Loves Valdez :-)

We Put 8 1/2 Pounds Of Fillets In Freezer

We drove from Glennallen to Valdez today and the drive was awesome. Valdez and the surrounding Chugach Mountains offer such awesome alpine scenery that this community is sometimes referred to as “Little Switzerland.” I can see why. :-) We passed gorgeous HUGE waterfalls everywhere and we can see more from our campsite. I feel like I am in paradise and dreaming but it's real.

Valdez is home to the oldest fish derby in Alaska and has the well-deserved reputation of being the pink salmon capital of the world. The derby started this week and it has been fun watching the reports on TV. So far, the largest halibut caught is at 244 pounds. They are paying a total of $80,000. You have to buy a $10 derby ticket daily to participate. Jerry is not buying those because he is just fishing from the bank, but he is a happy fisherman. He got his license to fish for a week and they allow 6 pink salmon daily per person. He caught his six in only about 2 hours and is ready to go back for more. He had them filleted for only $1.00 each and we put 8 1/2 pounds in the freezer.

The fish are just jumping everywhere. The bears and the sea lions love the fish too. I am enjoying just sitting in the car watching the bears and the sea lions fishing while Jerry fishes. We parked at a place called Allison Point where they had a huge flashing sign warning about bears. As soon as we saw the sign I was excited. I came to Alaska to see bears and I was not disappointed. I took one video of Jerry fishing and a huge sea lion jumped up with a fish swinging in his mouth right in front of Jerry.

The bears hang out on the opposite side of the road way back from where he fishes, but he was still a bit uneasy so we moved about a mile down from them. He has his perfect spot picked out for the full seven days. I am learning how to add small clips to the site so I can show you the bears etc. So far, my clips were way too large. I have to get them down in size a bit and then I will add a few to the site. More later from Alaska.

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