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Birds & Two Sea Lions

(MP4 - 3.05 MB)

Swimming Sea Lion

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Beautiful Mountain Views Of The Area

(MP4 - 2.35 MB)

Mama Eagle With Baby, Fuzzy But Still Awesome!

(MP4 - 2.42 MB)

Mama Eagle Flying

(MP4 - 3.46 MB)

Young Eagle Fishing

(MP4 - 3.13 MB)

More Fishing

(MP4 - 3.67 MB)

He Got One!

(MP4 - 2.47 MB)

Awesome Mountains All Around

I am adding more videos for you to enjoy. Videos take a while to load on the site, so please be patient. A lot of them are still a bit fuzzy. I am learning to use the camera and getting better but I am not there yet. :-) A couple of the videos are of sea lions swimming at Jerry's favorite fishing spot. Another video shows you the superb mountain range around the area. It is beautiful!

We were also lucky enough to see a mama eagle teaching her baby to fish. It was quite a ways out in the water and I had to zoom way in. It is fuzzy but you still get the idea. The baby has a streaked head instead of the all white head like the mama. He is also very clumsy with his fishing and fun to watch. I hope you enjoy the videos and I hope they get better as I practice. :-)

More later from Valdez.

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