Visit To Valdez Glacier

Close Up Valdez Glacier

Another View

Amazing You Can Drive Right Up To This One

Another Great Day Of Fishing For Jerry

Fish Cleaning Area Valdez

A View Of The Small Boats Harbor

Another Harbor View

It's Well Worth The $1 Each :-)

Nice Pink Salmon

Awesome Mountains All Around Valdez

Our Campsite In Valdez At Bayside RV Park

Views To The Right Of Our Site

Our Front View

Night View

Beautiful Berries & Wildflowers All Over

Jerry Checking Out The City Dock, This Is Where He Will Fish...

Wildflowers, last one!!

We are having a great time in Valdez. Jerry has managed to fish three days out of the seven he bought the license for. It has rained almost every day since we got here. The rain does give us a bit of a break in the afternoons, thank goodness. We had a very nice visit to Valdez Glacier. This one is so cool because you can drive right up to the edge of the water. There was absolutely no one there so Ollie was allowed to do a bit of running around too. He really enjoys being let lose sometimes.

Jerry has caught about 30 fish this week, but only kept the choice ones. A total of twelve fish have been cleaned and frozen or smoked. He made about five pounds of delicious jerky too. He is now ready to go fishing for the Silver Salmon. They are coming in slowly. He is waiting until he hears they are catching them and he will go and renew his license again. Cross your fingers his good fishing luck continues. :-) I have included some pictures of the harbor and some of the town to show you how beautiful this area is. We have been back to see those two bears several times and watching them enjoy the salmon. I hope you enjoyed the short video. More later from Valdez.

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